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Re: openLDAP as proxy

Sorry, I don't know what happens with my two previous posts

Thank for your responses. Now I'm able to get the users information in cn=user, dc=doamin,dc=com. But I still have another question:

AD doesn't allow anonymous bind, but I have binddn and bindpw directives in slapd.conf. So , why have I to put -D user_dn when I'm using ldapsearch??
Doesn't it will work with the slapd.conf binddn and bindpw??

(sorry about my english :( )


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Pierangelo Masarati(e)k dio:
By default AD reveals users information only to bound clients; as a
consequence, you need to bind with some identity.  This topic has been
mentioned many times in the past, I suggest you browse the mail archives
for suggestions.  BTW, you don't need --enable-rewrite if you don't use
suffixmassage or any rewrite* directive.

Of course, this has very little to do with OpenLDAP software.
You have the same problems if you directly query AD.