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Re: Schema not available with restrictive ACLs

søn, 16.05.2004 kl. 18.04 skrev adp:

> I should have made more clear that "access to schema" was entirely made up
> by me. I know that is really invalid. I was just trying to make it clear
> what I wanted to do. AD lets you do this for example. You can access the
> schema, but anything past that requires authentication.
> Hmm.. time to rephrase I think.
> My question can be summed up as this: How can I ensure all applications can
> access my schema while still restricting access to everything in my LDAP
> directory to auth users only?

Why not just get stuck in and do it? When it doesn't work and you've
read all the man pages, archives, FAQs and Internet/archive stuff that
you can and it then still doesn't work, say what didn't work, and post
here :) I just had to "invent" a working ACL/schema for a new
authentication/ SASL smtp/IMAP mail/ SASL Openldap conglomeration for a
largish high school and hadn't got the faintest idea of what actually
was going to /work/ until before I'd drawn it all up and then tried it
out in practice. Turned out a couple of things needed a completely
different approach than I'd thought in the first place, but I wouldn't
have found out if I hadn't tried it out.




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