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Proxying a subtree with OpenLDAP

	I've been looking at the docs on back-ldap and back-meta but
can't seem to locate the configuration to do a particular task.

	I'd like for a certain entry within an otherwise very normal
directory to be a proxy to another database on the same server.

	It looks like the ldap and meta databases both do this kind of
stuff, but they seem to require a suffix outside the namespace of the
main tree.

For example:

	I have a bdb database rooted at dc=foo,dc=gov and another
database rooted at dc=bar,dc=gov

	I'd like ou=outside,dc=foo,dc=gov tree to be proxied into
ou=outside,dc=bar,dc=gov and I'd like the returned entries to be
rewritten so that they look like they came from ou=outside,dc=foo,dc=gov

	Is this possible? Can someone give me the outlines of the
appropriate config directives to make it happen?