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Please help with OpenLDAP/"Address Book" interoperability

	I have set up an OpenLDAP 2.1 server, and have successfully used
it for authentication of users on Linux and OS/X systems (with simple
authentication). However, I don't seem to be able to get various
directory software (such as OS/X Address Book) to recognize it. I found
some pages on the Internet which say that an LDAP entry must of the the
type inetOrgUser, and have the basic fields filled in (cn,sn,givenname,
etc.) I have done all this, and yet when I try to search our directory,
Address Book returns nothing, even though it works fine with another
on-campus directory (so I know Address Book itself is working
correctly). Any ideas what I am doing wrong? here's the relevant sample

# ldapsearch -x -LLL "(uid=danilche)"
dn: uid=danilche,ou=addressbook,dc=cs,dc=umass,dc=edu
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: Victor Danilchenko
uid: danilche
sn: Danilchenko
displayName: Victor Danilchenko
givenName: Victor
mail: danilche@cs.umass.edu
telephoneNumber: 413-545-4231
title: Software Specialist I

	the other directory, with which Address Book works fine, is a
LDAPv2 directory. I have enabled LDAPv2 on our server as well, but it
doesn't seem to make a difference; I have done a line-by-line comparison
of the above entry with the corresponding entry in the other directory,
and found no significant differences (differences like upper or lower
case of attribute names don't count, right?)

	Any idea as to what I am missing?

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