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Re: re-starting slapd and slurpd daily

--On Thursday, May 13, 2004 7:55 AM -0600 Michael Bartosh <mbartosh@4am-media.com> wrote:

slurpd has failed to even talk to ldap-test2 since May 9th, yet it
updates ldap-test1 and ldap-test3 regularly.  ldap-test2 is fully
responsive to queries, and slapd is restarted on all systems daily.
slurpd is restarted on the master daily.

Is there a load or number of queries at which you would recommend restarting slapd and slurpd daily? I've never heard that recommendation before, but coming from you I'd assume it has merit.

We restart slapd/slurpd for a variety of reasons:

1) In earlier versions of OpenLDAP, there were threading issues (including heimdal, cyrus-sasl, etc, so it was not all in OpenLDAP).

2) On the master, we export the DB via slapcat nightly. Thus we shut down the master on a nightly basis.

3) The resident size of slapd grows over time. One of our replicas is routinely pegging 3GB resident with slapd (out of 4GB). Restarting slapd nightly clears out the resident memory size.

We have a simple little script that coordinates the shutdown of the servers based off hostname (it relies on the host hostnames ending in a number), so that we never have a loss of service.


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