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Re: A couple of questions about openldap on MacOS X Panther

Hi there,

Thanks for your replies (and thanks also to Jens).

> I forgot to ask you what version of Mac OSX you are using, and if
> it's OSX Server or OSX desktop/client
> 10.3 has kerberos support, but I'm not sure how much and where.

The version I'm using is MacOS X 10.3, ordinary desktop/client,
although I do have a copy of 10.3 server which I can investigate.

Basically, what I'm doing is investigating how Macs could be
integrated into our departmental kerberos/ldap infrastructure (mostly
running RH Linux 9).  This means I need to know how MacOS X works with
ldap *as a regular client*.  This does confuse matters a little as
most of the Apple documentation that refers to LDAP is talking about
running under OS X server.

An example of the type of thing I'm having problems with is the issue
of gssapi authentication for the ldap connection - our ldap server
allows only authenticated connections, but (a) the ldapsearch with osx
seems to have been compiled without this, so what can I do about this?
and (b) the "use authentication" values in the Directory Access
utility don't seem to be being used, but how can I check, etc.  It's
not being able to get under the hood of what's happening that's the
real problem.