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Re: Move From Redhat 7.3 to redhat ES 3.0

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Ezsra McDonald wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am trying to move from Redhat 7.3 to Redhat ES 3.0. 
> Redhat 7.3 = openldap-servers-2.0.27-2.7.3
> Redhat ES 3.0 = openldap-servers-2.0.27-11
> First attempted procedures:
> 1) stop the RH7.3 LDAP server 
> 2) tared the daabase
> 3) copy tarfile to RHES3 server 
> 4) untared db files into /var/lib/ldap/
> 5) Start LDAP on RHES3 server
> 6) Use GQ to browse RHES3 LDAP (No records)

Yep, since RH finally switched from gdbm to Berkeley DB as the 
database engine for ldbm.

> Second attempted procedures:
> 1) stop the RH7.3 LDAP server 
> 2) Use slapcat to export database to file
> 3) copy file to RHES3 server
> 4) Use ldapadd to load the database
> It seems that the db.ldif file is not in the correct
> order to create all the objects such as OU,s etc.

1)If you're going to go to the effortof dumping and restoring your 
database, you might as weel get some real return for your effort. So, 
upgrade to openldap>=2.1.25 at least, and seriously consider using the bdb 
backend instead of the ldbm backend.
2)Use ldapadd -c -S reject.ldif, and then you can easily see which entries 
did not make it and why, and you can import the on their own (instead of 
the whole db for a few entries). The -S option is not available in 

(Note, I'm doing this on RHEL2.1 AS instead, as I couldn't get the 
performance I required out of 3.0).