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Re: Developing new syntaxes and ordering rules

At 11:02 AM 5/10/2004, John Borwick wrote:
>How does one go about creating a new syntax?  Does it still require changing to the openldap source code?  Are there any documents available that describe how to create a new syntax?

See RFC 2252 for details on how to specify new LDAP syntaxes.
Given a specification for a LDAP syntax, one would have to
make changes to slapd(8) in order for slapd(8) to support that
syntax.  There are no documents on how to make such changes to
slapd(8), it's code by example.

>I have the same question for ordering and substring.  Is it possible to create an ordering or substring for a new syntax with openldap?  Is there any documentation about how to implement these filters?

Same basic answers as above apply.