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ldapsearch question

Hi everybody, 

I am trying to read the userPassword attribute with the following command: 

ldapsearch -LL -H ldap://localhost -b "dc=tre-pb3,dc=gov,dc=br" -W -x -D
"cn=proxyuser,dc=tre-pb3,dc=gov,dc=br" "(uid=victor)" userPassword

in the slapd.conf i put the following to give the proxyuser access to the
userPassword attribute:

access to dn=".*,dc=mylan,dc=net" attr=userPassword
	by dn="cn=root,dc=mylan,dc=net" write
	by dn="cn=proxyuser,dc=mylan,dc=net" read
	by self write
	by * auth
despite the logs doesn't show any error, when i execute the command the
userPassword value doesn't appear:

Enter LDAP Password:*****
version: 1

         Victor Souza Menezes