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Re: No Such Object Error: I can't solve

At 01:26 PM 5/6/2004, Victor Souza Menezes wrote:
>namingContexts: dc=tre-pb3,dc=gov,dc=br
>adding new entry "dc=gov,dc=br"
>ldap_add: No such object

Your server doesn't appear to be configured to hold "dc=gov,dc=br".
Again, the reason for this is discussed in

>i read the documentation, which was talking about not having the entrie
>"dc=gov,dc=br".  I don't understand this because the entrie exists in my
>base.ldif file.

In the first part of the FAQ reference I previously provided, it said
you need to add dc=domain,dc=com before cn=bob,dc=domain,dc=com IF you
suffix is dc=domain,dc=com.  It then notes that adding "dc=com" is

In the second part of the FAQ references states quite clearly that
No such object error will occur if you trying to add an object which
your server is not configured to hold.

This appears to be situation here.