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Re: login using SASL

At 06:19 AM 5/6/2004, Tomonari Hattori wrote:
>Now I can do ldapsearch or ldappasswd using SASL digest-md5
>authentication(with -U option).

Okay, so you have OpenLDAP Software working.

>It can be done from ldap-client via network.
>But when I do console login or network login, it doesn't work.
>When logged in, LDAP client is trying to contact server using SIMPLE
>auth. How can I make login sesson to use SASL auth?

OpenLDAP doesn't manage that.  That's an issue for whatever software
you using for console/network login.

>I think this is not related to pam_ldap or nss_ldap because OpenLDAP
>uses SASL implicitly. 

What OpenLDAP clients do or don't implicitly has nothing to
do with what other clients do or don't implicitly.

It seems your questions are more appropriately directed to a
forum about pam_ldap (e.g., <pamldap@padl.com>) or a forum
about nss_ldap (e.g., <nssldap@padl.com>).