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Re: Slurpd timer question

tir, 04.05.2004 kl. 09.49 skrev Aslow Juin:

> Suppose I have two load-balanced servers and that I can put one of
> them out of service.
> What you mean is that I have to recompile (with a different prefix,
> different temporary port) and then switch to production settings?
> Thank you

I can only emphasize what Quanah writes: Upgrading from Openldap 2.0 to
2.1 or 2.2 (you really should consider choosing >= 2.2.11) involves a
great deal of previous experience and hand-work. You can not possibly do
it without using a test machine and a investing a considerable amount of
time in finding out why what worked with 2.0 will not work with the
upgrade version. This might well involve you changing your entire data

At the same time, especially 2.2 offers/allows/demands a very large
number of enhancements that you should be aware of and use.



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