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Re: slapd_open_listener: socket () failed for AF_INET6_errno=97

See http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=652.

At 12:06 AM 4/30/2004, Tim Jordan wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>Trying to make my next step in building a functioning OpenLDAP directory
>work.  I've been working with pam_ldap and noticed that I was getting a
>"can't contact ldap server" error - then in the syslog I found this:
>slapd[1038]: slapd_open_listener: socket () failed for AF_INET6_
>errno=97 (Address faimly not supported by protocol) 
>I've been mostly changing the pam.d/* files and the nsswitch.conf.
>I searched Google and the faq for OpenLDAP...no help....Can anyone
>advise on this error?