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Re: none

"Ben Booble" <oneoutof100@hotmail.com> writes:

> Hi List,
> I have been going through the very good http://www.billy.demon.nl/
> guide for postfix sasl ldap howto but have run into a problem.
> I am running openldap-2.1.25, cryus-sasl-2.1.17, redhat ES3.  I have
> compiled and install ldapdb.c according to the readme.  In the guide
> mentioned above to test the success of the installation you submit
> this command..


> sasl-regexp uid=(.*),cn=servername,cn=digest-md5,cn=auth
> uid=$1,ou=people,dc=cpc
> sasl-regexp uid=(.*),cn=digest-md5,cn=auth
> "ldap:///ou=people,dc=cpc??sub?uid=$1";

Your sasl-regexp has to be written in 1 line, or may be continued by
starting the next line with a single space or tab.


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