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Scripting Problem

Hello Guys,

I need some help and thought someone on this list might know.  I am trying
to do some scripting but am running into the following problem:

I have a file that contains a bunch of the following entries:

trusty.F.0038 02/11/02
trusty.F.0058 04/11/04
trusty.F.0063 05/12/02
trusty.F.0064 05/13/02
trusty.F.0178 04/21/04
trusty.F.0183 09/30/02
trusty.F.0276 04/04/04

I would like to take out entries that match 04/xx/04 (xx does not matter)
and dump them to a different file.  In this case 58, 178 and 276.  I am
unable to do this with awk.  Anyone know of a way I can do this using

Thanks in advance

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