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RE: multiple attribute search with single return slowness

>Don't trust RedHat do do anything. ;)
Sad to say I went through the trouble to get RHCE (7.3) I have strong recommendations against using Red Hat, there support is all but non-existant

>dbcachesize is a ldbm specific command, and is similar to having things set 
>up correctly for the DB_CONFIG file in bdb.  As noted previously, ldbm is 
>generally considered to be deprecated, so you probably want to investigate 
>using a more modern database backend (and more modern version of openldap 
>than Redhat ships with).
I would really like to but my customer for this only will accept "supported by Red Hat" solutions so I am stuck with old and slow. Funny bacause I have programmed 7 major tie together using Perl to get this all to work correctly. (Politics kills innovation and best solution again)