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Access list problem


I got only this access list in my configuration:

access  to attr=userPassword
          by self               read
          by anonymous          auth
          by *                  none

access  to dn.regex="^.*,ou=([^,]+),dc=goyman,dc=com"
        by dn.regex="^.*,ou=$1,dc=goyman,dc=com"        read
        by *                                            none

access to *
        by self read
        by users none
        by * none

It work is I use ldapsearch. But whith my ldap clients, (mozilla, address book) I don't have any result when I do a search.

I wonder why.

What I want is to allow for example user uid=toto,ou=ACompany,dc=goyman,dc=com will be able to read for everything under ou=ACompany,dc=goyman,dc=com.

Best Regards