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"Access to" directives for RDBMs-LDAP model mapping

Hi folks,

We are working on a LDAP module for hipergate.org. FYI
hipergate is a 
CRM suite with Contacts information, managed by
security service based
upon a RDBMS model. Each "user" belongs to a
"workarea" (or workgroup),
which contains "contact" information. A "contact"
could be public to 
all members of the "workarea" or private for a certain

We want to use LDAP as an easy way to access our
information from Outlook/Mozilla/Evolution, but we
have problems with the security restrictions using the
"access to" directives at slapd.conf.

I'm trying to figure up how to map this security model
in a LDAP structure. No modifications can be done at
LDAP, as database is exported in a batch
process. This is an example of the proposed directory

`-- dc=hipergate
    `-- dc=workareas
        `-- dc=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
(workarea GUID)
            |-- dc=contacts
            |   `-- dc=John Public
            |       @-- givenName: John
            |       @-- sn: Public
            |       @-- mail: john.public@acme.com
            `-- dc=users
                `-- dc=joe.user@hipergate.org
                    @-- objectClass: person,
                    @-- mail: joe.user@hipergate.org
                    @-- userPassword: xxxxxxxxx
                    `-- dc=contacts
                        `-- cn=Jane Private
                            @-- givenName: Jane
                            @-- sn: Private
                            @-- mail:

"John Public" will be visible by any authenticated
user belonging to
the corresponding "workarea" and "Jane Private" will
be only visible to
"joe.user@hipergate.org". Is there an easy way to
implement security
restrictions only with "access to" directives at

* Anonymous users can authenticate agains "users"
* Authenticated users can see its own "contacts"
* Authenticated users can see "contacts" inside their
parent "workarea"

I'm also wondering how a user can bind to the
directory using only its
"cn" and "userPassword", without having to enter all
the "dn" info, so
Bind DN could be just "joe.user@hipergate.org".


Ivan Montoro
The hipergate working group

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