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Re: multiple attribute search with single return slowness

--On Monday, April 26, 2004 12:16 PM +0900 Blomberg David <dblomber@Libertec.com> wrote:

I am having a slowness response problem using Postfix on OpenLDAP (I
have narrowed it down to LDAP response time being my largest bottleneck
when querying multiple attributes.
(This system supports over 4000 user accounts so before telling me how
fast it is for you I noticed a big speed didference between 2000 users
which was quick and when I went up to 4000---there might be something I
misssed or a change I need to make for the larger user base if anyone
knows of this please let me know)

We have 60k users, and our mail servers do over a million lookups a day. We also have labs doing posixAccount lookups, etc. Everything is speedy. ;)

for instance:

which I ask to return "mailmessagestore"


which I have return "mailforwardingaddress"

Have you turned up logging (like loglevel 256) in slapd.conf and looked to see if you get index param errors? That generally means you have the wrong indexing.

4-I tried adjusting my indexes in slapd.conf:
dress eq 	Unfortunately after doing this and rebuilding the indexes I
started loosing the ability to log in and other odd errros developed
until I undid this.
**actaully I am hoping someone can tell what I messed up on this ont as
proper indexes are my best hope.**

I suggest reading:


about indexes and the cachesize command.

You also do not list what backend you are using, and how it is configured.


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