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quota in ldap?

Using openldap 2.1.29/bdb 4.52/i386.

I store user accounts related information (login,shell,homedir, etc.) in
openldap with posixAccount and/or person and similar, using pam_ldap to
perform authentication functions. I'd like keep their assigned disk quotas
in LDAP too. However only things I found about quota/ldap was some
information about setting/keeping mail quota, especially related to
particular mta (usually courier), howerver I'm using sendmail (aliases,
maps and classes also in LDAP). The question is whether I can with some
schema to keep disk quota in LDAP? If it's not possible, I'd like at least
keep mail quota, alhough I'm almost sure I cannot do it with sendmail.

Does anybody is able to enlight me? :)