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RE: Antwort: RE: server side sorting & paging? [Virus checked]

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Howard Chu wrote (somewhere in the poor quoting):

> >>>
> Hi, Howard
> There is a flow in this reasoning. Imagine a standard telephone book that
> allows browsing trough complete set of data, sorted by surname (like a real
> book does). Ther is an index on surname field, so server has no problems with
> sorting & such.
> <<<
> This is not a safe assumption. For example, OpenLDAP's indexing mechanism
> doesn't preserve ordering information, so sorting of indexed attributes
> doesn't come for free. The server uses hashes for indexing, to save on
> storage requirements. If indexing were also order-preserving, the space
> required (both in-RAM and on-disk) would be quite a bit higher.
> >>>

Let's have a look at how server-side sorts could fail; how would these
surnames be sorted?


or even:



(Yes, I'm agreeing with Howard)

-- Dave, who is a Mc/Mac . allum/Allum on his mother's side