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Re: rfc2307 Schema

Graham Schildt wrote:

Have a look @ http://www.padl.com/Contents/Documentation.html

rfc2307bis is based on the original rfc2307. I am no expert but one of
the things it does is changes the way posixGroup in the nis.schema is
defined. It defines it as an auxilary class rather than a structural
class allowing you to create entries with the objectClass of both
posixGroup and groupOfUniqueNames.

This allows the PDAL software (nss_ldap compiled with support for this
schema) to read your posixgroup membership from the attibute
uniqueMember,  rather than memberUid.

Hmm - just checked the link I gave you - the ietf draft has been deleted
:( Does anyone know the statuf of rfc2307bis?

Editor(s) is (are) supposed to publish a new revision soon (at least that's what I've been told over the last 3 months ;-) ).
Feel free to contact the editor of the draft and ask him for a date.





On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 16:28, Sunil Kumar wrote:

   I find these two schema file under /etc/openldap/schema directory:

/etc/openldap/schema/rfc2307bis.schema and

What is the difference between these two, both of them looks like
conatins the rfc2307 schema only.


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