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slapd memory fault?

ldap experts,
I am a novice to openldap. I have compiled ldap on AIX 5.1 using gcc. I set up symbolic links for the libraries since the binaries couldn't find them after the install. After that, the client binaries don't give errors except that it can't find a server. The slapd binary gives a memory fault error when I try to run it. All I want to do to begin with is serve out system passwords for authentication to other ldap clients. I really don't need a back DB to begin with though I certainly don't mind adding one for further support.
1. Do I need a backend DB for slapd to work properly or can I use the PASSWD feature only?
2. Do I need an aix schema configured as well as slapd.conf file configured properly before running slapd? In other words, if I just use the default files, would that explain why slapd might be giving me a memory fault error when I try to start it up?
3. Can someone who has successfully gotten slapd to work on AIX please indicate what steps I will have to go through to get it to work; i.e., compiler used (gcc?), necessary prerequisites?, compiling options used? necessary configuration files?
Any thoughts on this is much appreciated! -thanks!

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College