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Antwort: RE: server side sorting & paging? [Virus checked]

>Believe it. I asked this same question some time ago. Someone replied and told me to sort my results in-memory. Which I cant do, there are simply too many. I >am currently looking at a work-around which involve caching results somehow..
>No one gave a reason as to why it wasnt in the road map, though one developer did reply and say that he tried to implement server side sorting, but that it had >proved to be too difficult (?).

Well, it might really be. Implementing server side sorting & paging in SQL DBs is probably far simpler because all the data is available localy. Then again, I bet indexing is done only on local data too, and search is allowed to span server boundaries...

If fetching all the data, and working on it is the only solution than that's what I'll do, but it's ugly. In order to work with large data sets, I'll have to:

1) fetch the LDAP data and save it in some kind of a local DB.
2) work with the local DB.

Changing data is even more fun - has to be done twice...