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Re: more details about indexing

ons, 21.04.2004 kl. 07.59 skrev Piotr Wadas:

> I've made some tweaks with indexing, setting some
> attributes I want to be indexed, then I stopped
> slapd, runned slapindex, and started again, as described
> in docs. 

Look at the logs (-d 256). They'll tell you exactly what indices need
[<= bdb_equality_candidates: (uniqueMember) index_param failed (18)
wants an equality index for uniqueMember]

> Everything looks to be working fine, I even added
> some SUBSTR parameter to attributes I want to be
> indexed with sub (except pres and eq), and all looks
> OK.

> What I mean especially is where and when indexing is done?

When a new record is made, automatically. Always when making a new
database with slapadd. If the indexing has first been defined.

> I guess I shouldn't add to cron sth like 
> "stop slapd && slapindex && start slapd" for each night,
> to have all data I need indexed. So how this is working?
> New data I put into directory is indexed when being put,
> or what?

Exactly, if the index is defined in slapd.conf or the include file it

>  I don't think that good idea is restarting slapd each time
> I want new data to be also indexed..,

Of course it's not. You'd have read about other peoples' complaints, if
it were.



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