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back-sql auxiliary objectClass attributes -> binary value syntax check?

Having back-sql with iODBC and mysql deployed and set the debugging on, I realized that auxiliary objeclass(s) -those not mapped through ldap_entries.oc_map_id rather through ldap_entry_objclasses.oc_name- is only to represent the objectClass attribute of the main entry and a further attribute mapping fetch was not to be seen for those objectclasses in case they apply , although the ldap_oc_mappings and ldap_attr_mappings were properly configured.

Mapped those ldap_attr_mappings to some alternative main structural objectclass oc_map_id and using joins to acuxilary tables leads to retrieve the info but i am afraid the syntax checks will not be considered and it leads to not transporting binary information as binary rather as a hexdump string.

The actual case is person objectClass along with using pkiUser as an auxiliary objectClass holding the userCertificates and I used the inetOrgPerson as the alternative main objectClass.

I already checked the odbc settings with test applications and the odbc driver delivers the db blob object in correct binary mode.

Would somebody comment this and let me know how to force the binary transfer of those attributess or where is the right place to track that down why the transfer is done not in binary mode.

Thanks in advance Babak Nasri

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