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JLDAP DSMLWriter doesn't handle special characters

Let me start by saying I continue to be pleased with JLDAP. I am currently using the Oct 2003 JLDAP release for development, but I checked the code from HEAD and it appears it's the same:

When I use the DSMLWriter class to output an entry as DSML, the output contains XML special characters like &, <, >, etc. that appear in attribute values as they are. This of course causes parsers to barf. Is there a plan to make character substitutions in the DSMLWriter.writeAttribute() method a la string.replaceAll("&", "&amp;"), or are we working under an assumption that directory attribute values just won't contain these characters? I know a change would slow things down significantly, but the feature unfortunately won't be useful if arbitrary data can make it break.

There is no more embarrassing fact about me than that I am a complete novice with CVS. Feel free to contact me offline and explain how you would like patches submitted, and I'll be happy to read my O'Reilly CVS book, learn how to be a *real* modern open source developer, and submit a fix myself :)

As always, thanks for JLDAP and OpenLDAP.

Jon Roberts