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RE : RE : Log level and performances

I use a home made script to launch OL in all cases.
Except when I use a loglevel != 0, the slapd.conf file is strictly identical in all cases, too. Otherwise, the only difference is that the line "loglevel 0" (when testing the effect of "-d 256" or other log level) is replaced by "loglevel 256" (with no "-d" command line option).
The home made script generate an execute the following lines :
 - With log :
./slapd -f <always the same slapd.conf> -h ldap://<my host>:389 -d 256 2>> ../slapd_389.log &

 - Without log :
./slapd -f <always the same slapd.conf> -h ldap://<my host>:389 &

As you can see, it is really (at least, I believe) the same thing to be compared.
Note that this performance issue it is not really a problem for me at that time, but I would like to understand. I think that it could be significant when setting up a pre- or production server.

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> De : Buchan Milne [mailto:bgmilne@obsidian.co.za] 
> Well, are you starting the service up identically (besides 
> the logging 
> differences)?

So ... Yes