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Re: Proposal for openldap project financing. [Virus checked]

Unfortunately I'm forced to use Lotus Notes for mail. :-(

OK, it *does* have some good sides, but it's really bad at communicating with the rest of the universe. for your collective pleasure, here is what I have to
do when communicating on mailing lists:

1) live without threads.
2) Format the reply mails (">" and such) per hand. This mail was left "as is" for presentation purpose.
3) Replace "Antwort:" with "Re:" per hand too... Apparently that's not configurable on per user basis. :-(

If anyone out there knows how to tame a Lotus Notes client, please contact me outside the list.

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Harry Rüter <harry_rueter@gmx.de>
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16.04.2004 20:22
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Hi Denis,

could you please change the behaviour of your mailingprogram
an substitute "Antwort:" by "Re:".

This looks better and the threads aren't mixed up ...

greets Harry

denis.havlik@t-mobile.at schrieb:

>  > I think you have this funding thing a bit backwards.
> Well, consider it "professional deformation". .-)
> If you are happy with the current situation, I've nothing to add, except
> "go on with the good work".
> cheers
>         Denis