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RE: How to set new paged result limit [WAS] RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

> Ahh ha!  I figured out what I did.
> Using this:
> limits * size.pr=disabled
> It works as expected.
> However using this (which doesn't make any sense, by the way)
> limits * size.pr=disabled size.prtotal=none
> It does allow me to get paged results.  I was being lazy when I tested
> it, and didn't erase the second part.
> Maybe what I did should throw a configuration error on server start?

In fact, it's like doing

limits * size.prtotal=0 size.prtotal=none

e.g. setting the same limit twice.   I'll make this consistent.
In any case, prtotl is going ot disappear at some point soon.

> Realistically, I don't imagine anyone would _try_ to do what I did if
> they wanted to disable paged results, so its probably not a big deal.



Pierangelo Masarati