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RE: How to set new paged result limit [WAS] RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

Allright, I did a cvs update this morning, and ran some additional tests today.  (There's even s slight chance you might see this e-mail before noon, but I seem to have about a 4-5 hour delay between when I sent mail, and when it shows up on the list... And then it doesn't even arrive in the order I sent it...  Very odd.)  Here are the results:

size.pr=int - works
size.pr= none - works
size.pr=noEstimate - works
size.pr=disabled - doesn't work - when I set this to disabled, I expect it to give me some sort of an error when I make a search with the paged results controls set - it doesn't give any error, and furthermore, it allows me to page through the results.  It seems to have the same exact behavior of "none".  I'm doing my testing from java code, by the way.  If that makes any difference.

size.prtotal=int - works
size.prtotal=none - works

I see the man pages have been corrected now.  The only other thing I would mention it that is while it probably should have been obvious to me that I could just use a * for the <who> part of the limits command, until I saw your example I was writing two lines, one for users and one for anonymous.

I was just about to send this message, but I had let one of my tests run longer in the background while I wrote this - and now it looks like the dreaded "LDAP: error code 53 - paged results cookie is invalid or old" error is back.

I was paging through a query results (which had an estimate of 24547 results) 5 at a time.  When I got to a result somewhere around 4000, it kicked out the invalid cookie error.  So then, I ran my code again, and now it kicks out the error the very first time I ask for a paged result (so result 6-10).

I restarted the server (another bug - with yesterdays code the server halted properly when I did a Ctrl C - today it doesn't, I have to kill -9 it again) and tried again.
This time I got through 4085 of them, and it kicked out the same error again.  And again, it wouldn't allow me to do any more paged results until I restarted the server.