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about back-perl


This is probably a basic question, I just want to
confirm my understanding...
I already have a server with a mysql-backend that
keeps all the user credentials...
Recently, I built an openldap server with bdb backend.
It works fine, I tested it with some dummy data in the
bdb backend.

Now, I want to integrate my existing server with the
openldap server, such that any ldapsearch, ldapadd, or
any other operation will be sent to my existing server
who will retrieve the information from its mysql
database....(so shortly, I want to get rid of bdb)

Is this possible using back-perl ? I looked into the
bdb-perl directory and found a SampleLDAP.pm. If my
guess is right, I need to make a PERL script that will
call the APIs of my existing server to handle the
bind, search, and any other operations.

Any ideas, comments will be very appreciated,

ps: I know that it is possible to migrate the data
from my existing server to ldap but I don't want to do
that...I want ldap to pass request to my existing
server, which is not an ldap server....so referral
can't be used here..

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