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Re: SLOW Performance: OpenLDAP on Linux and IBM Dual Xeon?

On 04/14 05:58 , Digant Kasundra wrote:
> Yes, my wa column of vmstat is up around 100 on my slow Xeon and only 9 or
> 10 on my kick ass Pentium 3. :)
> Surprisingly, when I ran under single processor kernel, openldap seemed to
> perform better, but I don't have the metrics saved to conclude that.  But I
> can definitely say performance is abismal on my super fast machines and
> superb on my jallopy.

have you tried turning off hyperthreading? Could be that processes are
trying to contend for processors which aren't really there, and which
wouldn't benefit them anyway (since the problem may be I/O bound rather than
CPU bound).

Could also be some BIOS configuration issue. We had a mobo once which ran
dog slow if the shared video memory was turned down to the minimum size; but
worked at expected speeds if set to the maximum. (not saying that's your
problem; just that some setting might not be accounted for by the BIOS
writers. try upgrading the firmware and resetting to defaults).

Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises