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Re: Filter...

I am not aware of such a matching capability in LDAP,
OpenLDAP certainly doesn't provide one.  However,
one can generate OR expressions to do this.

(Note that filters are discussed in RFC 2554.  If
you have questions about how to construct filters,
I suggest you take ldap@umich.edu or some other
general LDAP forum.)


At 03:06 PM 4/14/2004, Rodrigo Gesswein wrote:
>   Sorry for this newby question, but I need your help because I'm not
>LDAP expert.
>   Basically, I need a filter to match an attribute that begins with
>a number from 0 to 9, like mail=[0-9]*
>   I'm trying (&(objectClass=qmailuser)(mail=[0-9]*)) but no luck.
>   Any ideas ??
>   Thank you very much..