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How to set new paged result limit [WAS] RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

I can't seem to get the syntax of this right to set the paged results limit to unlimited.  Could you post an example?



>It means exactly #1; in fact, the admin limit must be intended
>as a whole, regardless of how you exploit it.  There is a clean
>workaround: if you look at slapd.conf(5) in HEAD, you'll see that
>you can set a specific "hard" limit for paged resulst, with the
>"size.prtotal" keyword, which determines how big (even unlimited)
>the limit should be when the results are paged.  This can be done
>For specific client identities, including "anonynous", of course.


Pierangelo Masarati