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Re: SLOW Performance: OpenLDAP on Linux and IBM Dual Xeon?

I'm running OpenLDAP with RedHat ES 3 on a Dell 1600SC Dual Xeon. I have no issues with speed (as you note). However, I don't have a similar IBM box to do comparisons.

First, are your tests valid to each-other? Same version of OpenLDAP? Same data backend?

Second, you might want to look at differences in the architecture. I would immediately be suspicious of your Disk setup, and overall non-LDAP load differences. Perhaps check for Kernel or driver updates from IBM.

Finally, as is commonly mentioned in this list, you may want to consider upgrading to the Latest OpenLDAP sources, and if you are on recent OpenLDAP sources, what version?

Thank you,
Gary Allen

Digant Kasundra wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with running Openldap on Linux (Redhat Enterprise Linux in my case but any linux would be of interest) running on IBM Dual Xeon boxes? I'm still having weird performance issues with it. I also tested on a Dell Dual Xeon and it didn't seem quite nearly as slow. For some reason, it runs horrible slow on my IBM Dual Xeon's (load shoots up easily and exponentially as I increase the number of simultaneous connections).
Any help or insight would be helpful!