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Re: ldap proxy to AD returns no results - take#2


"Lank, Tim" <tim.lank@bearingpoint.com> writes:

> Thanks again Pierangelo.
> So what you are saying if I'm not mistaken is that the examples on
> pages 210-213 (most specifically p. 212) of Gerald Carter's O'reilly
> book on LDAP System Administration should not actually work and that
> is how back-ldap is designed?


I just grabbed this book, the examples in question refer to a simple
bind to AD , back-ldap takes this credentials to bind to the remote

(ldapsearch -H ldap://ad.plainjoe.org -x \
-D "ldap-proxy@ad.plainjoe.org" -w proxy-secret)

So this is a correct example.
But I must admit, the first few lines on page 211, referring to
binddn, are wrong.  

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