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MAC OS X clients and OpenLDAP

Dear List.

I have a strange problem with MAC clients trying to authenticate via LDAP.
After rebooting MAC it takes some several minutes for the client to be able
to log in with username and password stored in LDAP.
The MAC client refuses to log in with given username/password but it works
after a short while.
Sometimes it tries to search for username in LDAP (and it gets results, I
can see it in LDAP log file) but sometimes it does not even attempt to
connect to the server.
I'm running MAC OS X 10.3 with the latest patches and OpenLDAP 2.2.8 on
Solaris 9.

I understand that it perhaps more MAC-related question, but maybe someone
faced this problem in the past...

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Alexei Monastyrnyi,
System Engineer,
Orc Software AB.
Birger Jarlsgatan 32A Box 7742   Reception   +46 8 407 38 00
SE-103 95 Stockholm Sweden      Fax              +46 8 407 38 01
www.orcsoftware.com                 Direct          +46 8 407 38 02
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