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Re: mmap: Cannot allocate memory?

tir, 13.04.2004 kl. 23.14 skrev Armbrust, Daniel C.:

> I have run into this before, and then I was able to get around it by
> running db_recover.  However, now, even when I do a db_recover on
> every database, when I try to start openldap and open all of these
> databases, I get this error:

> I am trying to figure out what exactly is running out of memory, but I
> don't know the openldap source code very well.  BerkeleyDB documents
> that they have debugging modes you can turn on - could someone point
> me to what I would have to do in the ldap source code to make berkeley
> give me more detailed errors?

The place to look isn't in the Openldap, but Sleepycat code.

Have you tried db_recover -c'?



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