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Re: Role-based whatever in OpenLDAP

At 11:37 PM 4/12/2004, Piotr Wadas wrote:
>Using: openldap 2.1.29, bdb backend 4.2.52, i386
>It's time to play with roles :-) It is said "role is a kind of group with
>associated permissions". That's quite clear for me.
>Now, how do I play with it?

In slapd(8), you can use a LDAP "role" most places you can use
a LDAP "group" (though you do have to tell slapd(8) what's
its looking at).  See slapd.conf(5) and slap.access(5).  Also,
the FAQ and Admin Guide might be useful here.

In regards to general questions about LDAP "roles", I suggest
you consult some general LDAP materials and, if you have
general LDAP questions to post them in a general LDAP
forum, such as <ldap@umich.edu>.