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Multiple replicas


I have a few questions on replication with slurpd.

We setup a ldap server (ns1.xx) with 3 different ldap databases. We
would like to replicate 2 of them on an other server (ns0.xx).

Replicating only one of them over TLS and simple binding works
perfectly. But setting up a second one, makes only the first one to
work. For this configuration I have to different binddn, but both of
them linked on the same host (ns0.xx).

Having the same host seems to be the problem. I looked at the
slurpd.status, and I got exactly the same line:

So my questions are:
Have you any tip to replicate 2 or more databases on the same host ?

What is the use of updateref ? What it is really used for ? How do I
define tls on this parameter (if it has any sense)? 

Could the master be updated from a slaved one ? (I think it is possible,
but only if I authenticate through sasl+tls for security reason, am I
wrong ?)

I muss upgrade to 2.2 if I want the support of aliases in berkeley db
backend right ? ;)

Hope you will have an answer 8)
Frédéric Brin <duckx@mezimail.com>
Membre de l'Association Networx (http://www.assonetworx.com)

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