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TLS/SSL altNames [was: SSL certificates, kerberos keytabs, and load balancing]

Damnation!  Thanks Kirk, you just saved me a small headache that was scheduled 
for next week.

Hmmm... looking at the bug reports, isn't this another side effect of Red Hat 
shipping an obsolete, known-to-be-buggy OpenLDAP package?  P'raps nss_ldap is 
using the OpenLDAP libraries and inheriting the bug?


On 13 Apr 2004 at 8:51, Kirk A. Turner-Rustin wrote:
> For example: The nss_ldap that ships with RedHat 9 and RHEL 3
> (and any program that uses it) dies with a segfault if pointed
> to a slapd instance using certificates containing subjectAltName
> attributes. See RedHat bug #85728.
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