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Re: Regex dn match

Jernej Kos writes:
> How could i make a regex that matches:
> uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org
> but NOT:
> uid=ftpuser,ou=FTP,uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org
> and NOT:
> uid=mailuser,ou=Mail,uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org

If you mean uid=user... and all its children except those two should
have access, use something like

access to <whatever>
 by dn.exact=uid=ftpuser,ou=FTP,uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org none
 by dn.exact=uid=mailuser,ou=Mail,uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org none
 by dn.subtree=uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org read

The first matching 'by' will be used.

Or you could replace the two first `by's with something like
`by dn.regex=uid=(ftp|mail)user,ou=(FTP|Mail),uid=user,ou=Drones,dc=unimatrix-one,dc=org none'
if you are fond of regexps.