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Re: Samba3 Schema

Let's see,

before any one you do you shoudlconfigure you samba3 to use ldap as backend 
with passdb backend directive.  

Then you should put your IMAPbase on configuration, It must exist and writable 
for samba, here is where samba store SIDs

I have a how to on linuxchage.com/opendocs/  on how-to seccition go to 
PDC/Storage on.  It's in spanish sorry, my first language.


El Mar 13 Abr 2004 09:20, Andre Luis Fogagnoli escribió:
> I tried to use Samba3 schema in my OpenLDAP, but when I tried to pass a
> posixAccount to sambaAccount, using smbpasswd -a <user>, I get this
> error:
> Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user teste.
> Failed to modify password entry for user teste
> And when I try to add user with smbldap-tools (version come with samba
> 3.0.2a, I suspect is 0.82), I receive this message.
> /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl: unknown group SID not set for unix
> group 221 check if your unix group is mapped to an NT group
> I think it's mistake mine, but with phpldapadmin I can to add a user.
> What's wrong??
> In my smbldap_conf.pm I put SID get by command "net getlocalsid".
> I use:
> OpenLDAP version 2.1.29
> Samba version 3.0.2a
> PhpLdapAdmin 0.9.3