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RE: Paged results flakey - and hdb vs bdb

> I'll take this one back - and chalk it up to using old software.
> I can't currently recreate this error with version 2.2.7, so I'm going
> to assume it is fixed.

About this first issue, could you do us a favor?  The paged results code
was changed recently in HEAD code, and is not released yet.  I would
appreciate if you could give it a try.  The cahnges were mostly in search
limits handling, which now span the entire range and not one single page
as it used to be.  You'll find a thread about this starting from


The essential idea is that a size limit set from the server side is
honored considering the whole scope of the search, regardless of its
results being paged or not.  I'd like to have some feedback about it
because I might have not been able to try all the possible combinations of
settings.  If there are any issues, please use the ITS to keep tgrack of

Thanks, p.

Pierangelo Masarati