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Antwort: Re: SSL certificates, kerberos keytabs, and load balancing [Virus checked]

>IMHO the best solution is when the LDAP application itself is capable of
>providing load-balancing and fail-over. But these LDAP applications are
>*very* rare.

I know very little about load balancing solutions, but I'm quite sure I don't like the idea of doing it on the client side. The magic word is "cleint configuration", and the less I hear of it the happier I am.

With server-side load balancing, clients don't know, and don't care how many servers there are. With client-side load balancing, all the clients actually need to choose one of the servers from the (localy kept) list. Yes, yes - I know we could download the list periodically from some LDAP server, but I still don't like the idea.