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Re: Back-sql, debugging

run slapd with -d -1 and you get it all.  Based on what version you're
using, you'll see more or less meaningful output.  In HEAD and recent 2.2
releases you get for sure the candidate search query with '?' and a list
of the parameters below.  You don't get the queries to retrieve every
single value, though.

back-sql debugging definitely needs work.


> Hello,
> I still try to debug my back-sql. I still have the same problem, but
> now I understand it at half.
> I did turn debugging on in odbc.ini, I got an sql statement like select
> id... from ldap_attr_mappings where oc_map_id = ?.
> I got the question mark ("?") in the log, and a call to
> bindParameter.c. But I don't have exact sql statements.
> My question is: do you know a way to ask openldap for all sql statement
> he send to odbc? So I would be able to execute them with isql and see
> the problem.
> Regards
> Goyman
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> 				goyman

Pierangelo Masarati