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Re: Using OpenLDAP to point to AD as address book


"adp" <dap99@i-55.com> writes:

> Hi, we are using AD for our user accounts. I'd like to let our Unix users
> point at our existing OpenLDAP server and view the AD address book. I can
> easily setup an address book in OpenLDAP, but that would basically just
> replicate what is already in AD. For political reasons we cannot point our
> Unix users directly at AD.
> I have no problems using tools such as ldapsearch to view our AD after a
> bind. But I wonder if I can setup a referral in OpenLDAP so that our Unix
> mail users can open their LDAP address book and see what the Exchange users
> already see. The big issue I see is that you have to bind to view anything
> in AD (other than the schema).

> I'm using openldap-2.0.27-11.

Update OpenLDAP and setup a meta or ldap backend to view your
addressbook. For configuration see man slapd-meta(5) and man


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