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How the password stored in SASL db can be related to the userPassword attribute of an entry of the directory?

Hello everyone,

first I would like to say thankyou to Haward Chu because the Replication
problems via digest-md5 are resolved and my system works very well!!

Now I have a new issue to solve. How can I syncronize both the passwords
stored in the SASL db and in the Berkley db (bdb). I would like to refer to
a unique password for a user. I would like to modify the userpassword of
both the db with ldapmodify. I would like that this modification could be
propagate from the master to the slave via digest-md5 replication. Should I
put some new instruction into ldif file or what else? 
I tried userPassword: {SASL} in my ldif file but it didn't work.
Manual says that with cyrus-sasl 2.1 it is possible to store sasl secret in
the ldap directory. But it doesn't say how!

Again, I need help.

Anybody know the problem ?

Many thanks.


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