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RE: slapd future questions

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> Hello,
> I've seen several threads on this list about whether to
> use the LDBM or BDB backends for slapd. The last one
> "LDBM verse BDM" had Frank Swasey saying LDBM wasn't
> receiving much/any development. This brings up the
> following questions:
> 1. Is it true that LDBM isn't receiving development?
> 2. How long will LDBM be supported?

Development of back-ldbm has pretty much stopped, yes. We will still examine
patches that are submitted against it though.

> 3. Is the BDB backend considered stable enough
>    for production environments?

In general, back-bdb is more stable than back-ldbm.

> 4. Are there plans to move away from the BDB backend to
>    some new backend in the known future?
> 5. How long will the BDB backend be supported?

I think back-bdb / back-hdb / back-ldbm will continue to coexist for a while.
Eventually I believe back-hdb will prove more useful than the other two.

> I'm asking these questions to find out what the developers
> are planning for the future of OpenLDAP so I can deploy a
> setup with some life ahead of it.

There are no major new backend designs on the horizon. See the roadmap:

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